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Zimzon Lelo

Zimzon Lelo also known as Zimzon King Zion is a Swedish TV-personality, actor, model and fitness expert.

From the age of 6 Zimzon got involved in sports and football (soccer) was the sport of choice and his first love.
As he grew older he got introduced to many other sports such as athletics, basketball and boxing to name a few. He flourished in all sports but decided that he wanted to give football his al best.

Fortunately for him he got scouted by a team in England so he packed his bags in one hand and his boots in the other. Things didn’t go as planned when he came to England and his football career was not looking promising as he was first told, but out of something bad comes something good was in his mindset.

But Zimzon went through some more hardships as he was homeless sleeping rough on buses and in the gym but despite this very tough situation he always kept his aspirations alive. Zimzon was spotted in the gym by a photographer and was asked to get some pictures done witch led to him booking jobs for the the likes of adidas, fitness first walking the walking the runway on London Fashion week.

Zimzon was also featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine for three months in 2013 and was also the main feature in the video for Sam and the womp – Boom boom, the songs finished number 1 on the UK charts the first week it got out.

Despite all the success his passion for fitness never left him so he founded Zimzone his own health and fitness business witch focuses on fitness, nutration and lifestyle consulting helping people understand the benefits of keeping fit and healthy but most importantly that it’s starts from the inside out.

In 2014 Zimzon was a cast member in the TV show Farmen.

Alongside all of this Zimzon managed to cameo on the bravo show the new Atlanta and is currently one of the main characters in the hit TV show Gladiatorerna aired on TV4 in Sweden.